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You would have heard the term core muscle group referred to by the coaches on the TV or just generally around the club house. But what they do during the golf swing and how can you use them successfully to hit better golf shots. Now first of all you need to understand what core muscles are. Generally speaking there's a lot of different muscles involved here. But generally speaking your core muscles are from just below your knees to about your chest; its in the middle of your body. So this doesn't associate hands, it doesn't associate arms. It associates the real trunk of your body and how you want to be using those is what we're going to be talking about.

Now during the swing the core muscles provides stability, because the arms are moving around it and it also provides a certain amount of strength. If you're building from a very strong base, you're going to be able to move your arms. You're going to be able to move the club much much quicker. Having a nice strong core as well allows you to maintain certain positions through out the golf swing that you wouldn't be normally be able to do. For example, something that you see with so many golfers really all around the world is as they come through the ball; a massive loss of posture.

Generally speaking, as the club start to move down into the point of impact the body starts to move forwards, the hip starts to move towards the ball, the golfer stands up, comes through and flicks at the shot. Now, generally speaking this is because as the golfer moves through, they don't have the strength within the core, they don't know how to use core properly to keep those hips back, to keep the core rotating through the point of impact and to allow the arms to rotate, and to allow the arms to extend through the point of impact.

So core muscles, they control and they give stability to so much more of the technique. And we're going to be looking at how you can control those things better or from the show game all the way upto the full swings. And how you can gain more control over your golf game by gaining more control over these core muscles as well.