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Here's a great way that you can build up more core strength within your golf swing. Now the core of your body is pretty much anywhere from there to there but we're going to be focusing mostly on the abs in this particular exercise. Now this is using resistance bands and it’s a weighted sit up or a weighted crunch, that will really engage the abdominal muscles, strengthen them up so when you're actually over the ball and when you're swinging you can really get a lot of rotational power into the shot. Now it's a very, very simple kind of exercise to do, you just need a resistance band, a strong table or something or a chair just sat behind you something that won't be moving in this actual exercise. Popping yourself on your back, holding one of the resistance band end on your right chest the other one on your left chest knees drawn up so your feet are flat on the floor and its raising the body into a crunch position holding for a moment then down, up and then down one more time, holding there. Now the amount of repetition that you do is going to be dependent on your current kind of strength at this moment in time. I'm using a light resistance band here but you can get different variations of strength. The more that you do of these the stronger that your abs are going to become but remember when you're doing this to raise yourself up whole for a moment so you really engage those muscles, relax down and then repeat, probably no more than ten to begin with but then you can build yourself up and you can really get your core strength with much more power.