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Core stability and core strength is the bedrock that most golfers should start to build their golf fitness routine around. And one of the key ingredients to a strong core is very strong abdominal muscles. There are many movements, many exercises you can use to engage these muscles, but if you get them strong and if you get them active then the actual golf swing as a result will be much stronger and much more active and much more stable, as a result. Now one great way you can actually work the abdominals is using an exercise ball and using a leg race to really engage these abs. Now what you need to be doing is lay down on your back, with the medicine ball, in between your legs. Now depending on the size of the exercise ball, I've got this here pinched just slide in between my legs but some exercise balls you can actually grip with your heels and push them into the actually back of the hamstrings.

For this exercise ball I've just got my legs slightly more wrapped around the sides. Now what this involves is lying on the back, gripping in between the legs, raising it up first of all, and then just stretching the legs outwards. Now what this does, it engages the abs but also engages the leg muscles, as you stretch them upwards. So flat on the back, raising it up, and then pushing the legs up towards the sky as well. And it is great because as you actually pinch this exercise ball with the legs, it really start to engage as you hold on and try and grip so it’s working muscles that you wouldn’t otherwise use. So its there up, stretch down, relax. And using lots of those drills just with this exercise ball will definitely help work the muscles that you need the most. So give this a go, work this into your routine – see you later covering back, work this into your routine and hopefully you will engage this core muscles and really start to improve your impact position and the overall stability of your swing.