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Effectively exercising the core strengths, the hips, the actual stomach, the backside, the lower back is going to be a fantastic way for you to increase the stability you have at impact and actually throughout the rest of the swing as well. Now using an exercise ball there are a lots of different ways that you can work these muscles and really isolate them to make them stronger. Now one of these is a hip bridge. Now it’s very simple to get to actually get set up if not quite so easy to do, using an exercise ball, lying flat on the back with the legs split opposite the side and just supported on each side of the exercise ball. The reason an exercise ball is a fantastic one to use is because it’s never quite in a stable position, so you’re always trying to support it, always trying to balance it with the legs, which will really engage the muscles along the core and along the legs.

Now the hip bridge, you want the legs nice and straight, you want your back nice and straight to begin with and then you’re just going to raise the hips upwards until the body is in a nice straight position. Hold it there; try and get it balanced with the legs before relaxing back down and upwards and repeating that same position again. If you can hold it for quite a long time, you really going to start to feel you legs start to wobble, your body starts to move quite a lot as it struggles to support and find that position. But if you can hold it there for a long time you’re going to have much more stability through the core and through the hip region. So that’s a great way to engage those particular muscles and really work them hard. So have a go with this drill, have a go with this exercise, incorporate it into your routine and really start to feel the stretch and feel the power build within this part of the body.