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You have seen, you have heard and you have read many times, about how important core strength is to the golf swing and that is true because the core muscles really help stabilize a golf swing but also add power. Now one classic way to really engage the core muscles and to hold the body in a nice firm posture is to use a plank. Now a plank is effectively just getting set up, so the arms are down on to the ground, the legs are straight, the body is straight, and its extended and you just holding this position as long as possible, but to actually make this plank a little bit more active and to engage the body just a little bit more, you can also use an exercise ball, to help really stabilize this things even more. Now what it involves is the exercise ball, just being behind you where your legs would be, so your legs are going to be more raised off the ground getting into a position, probably the easiest way to do this is balance one leg on the exercise ball to begin with before moving the right one up on top, and then it is effectively the same thing.

Holding this position for as long as possible, try not to let the stomach and the abs get down, try to keep the back nice and straight, for as long as possible, now people can hold this for as long as they deem necessary, for as long as you can. You can put a timer on it and try and beat your best time, kind of when you are going to do this on separate days. But if you can hold it for at least 30 seconds to begin with and then you can build it off from there. But that is just a variation of the classic plank, using an exercise ball so just try and engage this muscles a little bit more. So add this into your routine, add this into your fitness workout and hopefully those core muscles will become a bit more stable as a result.