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Building power within the core muscles is very, very important, but also building strength and actually conditioning in control of these muscles is equally important. There is no point just having big bulging muscles if their control there, the flexibility there, and the actual bounce within that is not present because the swing wouldn’t be balanced as a result. So there are lots of exercises you can use to actually control that bounce and to actually see if you have that stability within this core muscles. Now using a plank is a great way to actually strengthen the muscles but using a raised leg plank with an exercise ball, is a fantastic way to see if you have control over these muscles as well. Now it is a slightly difficult position to get into, using a medicine ball normally, the best way is to actually get down on the floor first and the roll up. Or they can roll over the top of the ball as well if you are more proficient, but its getting the arms down in what is known as a press up position, getting one leg balanced on the medicine ball, on the exercise ball before bringing the right leg up, to also become balanced.

Now in this position you can hold this position, and it will exercise all the core muscles that you need, but the point of this exercise is to take one leg off and raise it away. Now this will really put the pressure on the leg remaining on the exercise ball and really engage the core muscles. So relax that back down, switch over, hold it for a little bit as well, and then bring it back down. Now you can alter between the legs as many times as you want. The more times you do is going to engage the muscles that matter the most and see if you have control over them. So give that a go you can also use that without the exercise ball, although the exercise ball will really cause the engagement to be much more acute. So give this a go and see if it adds a little bit more stability to your swing.