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One area of the body that many golfers suffer pain in, is the lower back. Now this could be due to flexibility but it could also be to do with strength. Actually actively strengthening the lower back is something which often players do overlook. But there are some exercises you can use to strengthen that area of the body, add to your core strength and add to your stability through the swing. Now one of these is the laid down superman using the medicine ball. Now it is quite a very demanding and it is a very difficult movement to make for a lot of people especially if they are not used to working the back muscles. So always tend to start off with a lesser weight in the medicine ball. Now what this involves is lying down, straight down flat on your front, moving your microphone in your pocket if you happen to have one on, so lying face down with your arms stretched out in front. Now normally with a normal kind of superman stretch, you would be – with a superman exercise you would be lying down, you would be lifting up the arms, lifting up the legs into this superman position and that really engages the lower half of the back.

Now with the medicine ball it is exactly the same move but the hands are clutched around the medicine ball and you are moving up into the same position, just holding it for a moment and then dropping back down. Now this really, really engages the lower back and you can feel it straight away in comparison to the normal one without the medicine ball. So probably the best way to actually do this is work without the medicine ball first and then move up into it if you want to add more strength, more stability and more power so give this a go, move it into your exercise routine and really strengthen up that lower back.