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It's another great exercise when you're sitting with your golf club in your chair taking the golf club at either end. Something like a 7-iron is fine. Lift it right up high as far as you can go and really reach or the sky. Then push it up as high as you can and you fairly stretch all day on your arms to the back of your shoulder and then your back. Stretch it as high as you can. Take it back a little bit way so it's not right now in front of your head and then just rock it from side to side holding it there for a few seconds then back over the other way, again holding it there for a few seconds be careful that your whole body is not leaning. This isn't a competition to see how far down this way you can get it. It's just a case of lightly stretching the right muscles and just holding it for a few seconds. Pushing a little bit more, bring the golf club down in front of you, back over your head and do the same thing again. Hold it for a few seconds back over the side and then back down in front of you and just do four or five minutes of this of an evening while you're watching TV, probably before you go out and play golf and you'll feel the benefits when you get to the first tee next time.