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What should I use to start my golf back swing? Now, in any good golf swing, most of them follow a certain connecting sequence. Now what that means is a part of the body moves away, which is followed by another and another and another, until the top of the back swing and then the sequence reverses itself. Most of the best golf swings follow this sequence, and most of the best golf swings who follow this sequence are the most consistent ball strikers.

Now there are different kind of ways of doing it but to kind of break it down into a simplest form, as you’re stood over the ball, the first thing to move should be the club head and the first thing which is connected to the club head of the shaft are the hands. So when you’re over this ball, it’s the hands which move first. And then the hands are followed by the arms, the arms are followed by the shoulders. The shoulders are followed by the chest, the chest by the torso, the torso by the hips. And the very last thing to feel is a little bit of pressure through the knees and the feet.

And as you get to the top of the swing, that’s when this sequence actually reverses itself. So the first thing to go are the feet, just that press downwards into the ground, then it’s the legs and the hips, that little bit of a bump forward. Then it’s the torso, then it’s the chest, then it’s the shoulders, then it’s the arms, then it’s the hands and then it’s the club. It’s that sequence which reverses itself from the back swing to the through swing.

So the first thing you should be looking at moving on the back swing is the club head and the hands. Now a lot of people if you do kind of struggle with getting a bit of handsy in the down swing, one of the ways to think about is having a one piece take-away, which basically shows that the hands and the arms and the shoulders form a triangle shape, and a lot of people concentrate just on moving that triangle away from the ball. But if you were to break it down, it’s the same difference. It’s the hands that move first, followed by the rest of the body.

So if you are looking for what to move first in that swing, follow that sequence; hands, the rest of the body and then reverse it as you’re coming down into the ball.