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How can I start my golf down swing before I finish my golf back swing? Now to start the down swing before you actually finish the back swing, is quite a complicated movement, it is quite a complicated motion. If you get it right you kind of add a lot of power, a lot more punch to the shot. But it is a difficult technique to do. However, if you want to give it a go try and use this feeling and these thoughts and this technique.

As you take the club away from the ball, you want to be moving on a nice wide arc away from the body which means pushing the hands and the arms away, keeping it at a nice full turn with the body. And as you get to the top of the swing before you actually reach a position where the left arm is straight and pointing up at the sky and the club gets to actually parallel, you want to be starting a movement with the hips, towards the target.

Now the movement with the hips towards the target is a slight lateral movement and then a turn of the hips. Now if you get this all in combination, it’s a nice wide swing, and just before you reach the top, the hips begin to go and then the down swing will follow. It’s a nice full flowing motion that will add lots and lots of power. The most consistent way and the most normal way to actually hit a shot is to complete the back swing and then actually start the down swing. But if you want to try and merge the two, give it a go.

And it can add a lot more power into the shot. So set up over the ball, a nice wide back swing, and just before you finish it, start to turn and start to move those hips. And if you get it all in combination, you can produce some very very good shots. But work on it first before you take it out to the course, and see if it will do you any good.