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What is the definition of a compact golf swing? A compact golf swing is when the body moves in a way where there’s no loose parts flying anywhere they should be. Now there’s lots and lots of different ways to swing the gulf club but a compact swinger of the golf club, a classic example would be Louis Oosthuizen or Rory McIlroy especially in the back swing where everything is very connected and everything is very compact. Now there’s no particular one movement that makes up a compact golf swing but there are a combination of movements you can use to try and get a little bit tighter a little bit more compressed and a little bit more compact.

Now on the back swing what you generally want to be seeing the arms just stay nice and connected to the body a natural swing to be powered with the big muscles and with the torso. So as you take the club away try and keep the arms a little bit closer into the side of chest, move the shoulders away from the ball until you get into this position. So the arms stay nice and connected and the club is in this parallel ground -- parallel to the ground position and with the toe of the club pretty much matching my spine angle.

From here I will continue to turn and I will continue to keep my arms very close to my body, up until this position here. And you can actually see the club is quite relatively close to me and my arms and nice and compact, nothing is kind of nice and loose, everything has stayed very, very compressed. Now on the down swing I will continue to turn, use my bigger muscles keeping my hands and my arms very, very close up until impact; and then through impacts I’ll do exactly the same, keeping my arms nice and close to my body. Now that is how you can perform a compact golf swing. Well there’s lots of different movements there to actually get right. But if you can keep your arms in very close to the side, power the swing with the major muscle and the torso, you should get a very nice compact little motion. So give it a go, it might work for you.