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Video Transcript

One of the most important areas in pores and parts of the body to stretch out are the hips and the groins as these have such an active part to play when you’re hitting the shot, they really do add so much stability, and so much power as you start to turn through the golf swing. Now stretching these two kind of key areas out there’s lots of moves out there but the very, very simple one is just using almost a little bit of a semi-split position. Now this is very dependent on your current fitness level but what you want to be doing is just getting those legs out pretty wide, obviously not down so you’re doing the splits unless you can do that already and then probably you’re not this drill anyway but you’re getting down into this position.

Now what you want to be doing is then pushing the hips back now that really starts to engage the groin and the hips as they’re pushed back so push those hips back and then just start to, just stretch downwards, just a little bit you don’t need to go all the way down to the floor just move it down so you can start to feel the stretch in the legs as you’re feeling the hamstrings here as well but in the groin and hips as well so just pushing down holding for a moment and then coming back up, extending the hips forward as well, so do that again legs apart, semi-split, hips back and then start to lower it down. Now you really just start to engage the inside and just the front of the hips as well so it’s a fantastic way to stretch those two key areas out and they’ll make them a lot more flexible when you’re hitting shots.