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Coordination and balance are two areas of the golfing technique that not a lot of people actually work on. They work on the technical aspects, they work on the physical aspects, the fitness aspects but balance and coordination tends to get pushed to the side as something which is just natural, but they are things that you can work within your golfing technique. And you'll soon find that if you can hold and you can have a much more balanced swings, the actual outcome of the shot will be much more successful. Now this little drill that we've got here is a balanced shoulder raise which is very, very difficult to perform but if you can get the coordination and you can get it right, it can give big benefits to your strength, your flexibility and your balance within the swing. Now what it involves is a balance pad here that I've got or you can use a cushion or a pillow at home and a light dumbbell especially to begin with.

So it's balancing yourself up on one leg, I'm going to go with my left leg here; just trying to maintain the balance first of all and then with the right arm, actually stretching it out in front and then doing some should raises in this manner. Now what this will do, it will really engage the muscles within the left leg; it will really make them kind of shake and kind of move around but this gets to these the stresses and the strains that you're likely to see as you're actually moving the club through. And if you're able to raise and actually use the shoulder raise at the same time it will show that your coordination is also there. It's not an easy exercise to do, but if you can work it into your overall technique you will find a much more beneficial than some of the other exercises out there.