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Video Transcript

Right guys, golf ball manufacturers aren’t daft. They put lines on the golf ball for a reason. They want you to get better at golf. And if you are not using this line, this aide on the golf ball, then you are missing out really. I’ll be honest with you. So normally, there would be some kind of alignment on there and we've just got a practice ball here that says practice across it, but it's in a perfectly straight line. When you look at any golf ball, there is either some sort of logo that aims it straight, if not you can actually buy a tool that can draw a line on the golf balls, a rather perfect straight line. Use that! It's so important. So, when you set out to your ball and you are on the green, you’ve cleaned the ball and you put your ball back down on your marker, use the practice word or the line on your ball to line it up.

Put your marker away, and line it up, either line it up on your target line and that does not particularly mean where the hole is. If it’s a bit on the slope, aim it a little bit to the left or a little bit to the right accordingly to the slope, so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. And if I -- even take that to the next level, is pick out a point six or seven inches in front that you are lining up with. So you know your absolute spot. It takes all the guess-work out. You don’t need to be sitting over the ball and going 'I don’t really know if I'm aiming at the right place but I will give it a bit of a go'. Okay, don’t guess. Get it right every time, from there make sure you put your putter down first. It's so important to get your putter down first.

Again follow all players do, they get their feet down. Okay, that’s about right. Naturally, I'm way too close to the golf ball and my putter is up right, I'm not going to hit a good stroke from there. So, really important thing is get your putter down first, use the line on your putter to line up with another line on the golf ball and then build your stunts. So you get your feet and you are now perfectly parallel, perfectly in line to our target. So putter down first, build the stance, with every little bit of confidence you know you are aiming at that hole and then you just have to put on the straightest stroke you can do. You will hole more putts guaranteed.