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Right, so you are on that par five the hardest hole in the golf course, and you want to hit this to the furthers down the fairway you possibly can. A way of doing this and a way of getting a driver going at maximum distance is creating a more lag in the golf swing. Now lag gets past about quite easily as in terms of what is – I’m going to explain about what is and give you a really drill of how you can create more of it to get you knocking it down that fairway so you can reach the green into.

Now, the Lag. The lag angle is the angle between the right wrist and the golf club as we come down into impact. So as we are holding this golf club, in and hold it, hold it, hold it, it is angle here represented from the forearm of the shaft. If we can hold the angle for as long as we can, the club comes turning through increasing a great deal more of that speed to help you hit that drive that you want to hit on that longest hole of your golf course. I have got a simple drill today to give you a real clear understanding of how to hold it and how you can practice it. I was going to drop my driver down just for a second and just pick up and iron, only because it is slightly easier to practice with this first before it translates onto the driver.

So all we are going to do, we are going to hold it the normal way left hand on top, what we are going to do, we can actually separate the hands just a little bit, just separate them so that the right hand is at the bottom and the left hand is on the top. Now what this is going to give us is a tricky drill at first, you might find that the few of your first shots might not be your best but stick with it and it will improve your lag and create more power. As we come back down we are looking at holding this right wrist angle, holding it for as long as we possibly can before we can go in and hit the shot. So as we come in and do this slowly at first, this is just a mid iron, all I’m going to do is hold it and hit.

One more time I’m just going to hold the angle and hit. And straight away therefore such a short swing has hit that probably 120 yards with--with hardly any efforts. So practice it with the driver, holding it then hitting and then taking the normal grip again, hold and hit and you will reach that par five in less shots next time. Give it a go.