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The shanked chip shot, the dreaded shank chip shot you’ve put it really close to the hole all you’ve got to do is hit the green and you put in for the par reducing your score and you end up knocking into a bunker and just messing up your hole. Let me give you a couple of really simple drills and tips to help you stop shanking these chip shots so the next time you play you are going to get it much closer to the hole.

Got a little station set up just here so I’ve got a few tee pegs and the golf ball in the middle, I’m going to explain to you why you shank your chip shots and how you can stop doing it. First thing make sure you are not still too close to the golf ball so a lot of players will get on top of the ball and when they come back in almost the legs are in the way and then they are pushing the club forward and it ends up here in the wrong side of the club, the heel, this section, they club too much. The other alternative is that the swing comes in to the ball and almost cuts across it too much and that’s one we are going to look at as well. So making sure we do it properly, first thing when we take our chip set up make sure our hands are below our chin and we’ve got enough space between ourselves and the club so that we are not going to restrict and almost block our entrance into the ball so that’s really important. Club down first and just get your hands just below your chin.

The next thing is the most common thing we see when we see a shank chip shot is the club will go back too much from the inside so it will go almost over that tee peg, it will loop over, it will come in from that green tee peg and because the club is coming in from such an obscured angle the heel part of the club just gets in the way and you end up kicking it off to the right and the more you hit it to the right the more you try and swing it more and more and more and more to the left and the more you shank it. So the normal movement is white tee, green tee and across, so you need to change that completely, you need to change that technique around that shot. You need to reverse it almost.

So instead of going back to the white tee you are going to feel that you are going back more to the green tee this one here just on the outside of the golf ball, you are going to get to the top of your swing then and just change the direction to come in more from that white tee to the white tee, so you reverse in that loop from before, nice distance away, you are going to make sure you go green, white and white. So that time when you come into your chip next time have a nice distance away, my hands are below my chin I’m going to go out and just a little motion back in and so then I’m hitting the middle of the golf club again and taking that opportunity to knock my next shot in. Work on that, practice that, no more shanked chips.