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Okay so chipping can be tricky, it can be a shot that upsets you around you might end up not getting as close to the hole as you want to. And you might have tried everything, you might have tried all different clubs, a new loft and a lob wedge and a sand wedge and a gap wedge and all these different clubs. I’m going to give you a couple of little drills and tips to first off, give you some different grip opportunities so possibly not holding it in the conventional way that you would do normally. So I’m going to give you that first, and then talk to you about chipping with different clubs in your bag, there is nothing wrong with chipping with a less lofty club. A five iron, six iron even a three wood or a hybrid, a lot of players use that these days. So first off if we talk about just a general chipping technique, we want a nice narrow, stands, we want to grip down on the golf club a little bit. And just ball that in the middle and just a fraction of lean left onto your left – a fraction of lean onto your left hand side about 55%. However sometimes the wrist can get involved a little bit too much, so you can play it more like a putter. Say you’re putting grip on the clubs, this – I'm just chipping here with anytime trying to play almost a low chip. My normal put in grip would be thumbs down the front and index fingers down the side, now I'm using it much more like a putter. I could almost take a slightly wider set opposite if I've got a putter in my hand and just keep that pendulum motion of your arms, then the club going back. So this is absolutely a putting technique. And that way you're not going to feel like you’re doing chipping anymore you're going to feel like you’re putting and if you’re a confident putter, that’s going to work for you. If you also use a different club option, so you can use a hybrid or 5 wood, or 3 wood just a club that's going to help you get the ball traveling. Get it close to the hole and then you can hold it, like a putter to hold it normally, all I would advise is hold it further down on the club. And again use it more like a putter, and as you can see a running, jump and hit. Skip and hop, and obviously you're not going to get the high every time. But as a safer shot to play, there's nothing wrong with it. So don't just stick to the standard chipping method, mix up a bit try something different, try a different grip, try a different golf club, don’t just use the most lofted, use different options and if you’re having problems with chipping this will massively improve your confidence when you chip.