Video Series

Video Transcript

Okay bombing the big ball, bombing the driver. We’re going to hit this so far today after this tip. What are we going to do? We’re going to change the set up to get you hitting the golf ball a lot further, there’s yes, we can create power in the golf swing but also we can create power in the set up alone. And how are we going to do this? Is, first off, a lot of players will get into a little bit of a weak set up, certainly with the driver, something to create power. We want power, we want to hit this driver the furthest distance we can possibly hit it.

A couple of things with the stunts; let’s get with the stunts nice and wide. We’re placing the ball just in front of -- just closer to the left foot, we’ve got this foot right back here and it’s going to give us loads of stability when we’re going to swing this golf about our maximum speed. Another thing is where when we set up to the golf ball with the driver, don’t be leaning too much left on top of it, in front of it, get behind it. So only to feel like, you feel like you’re almost tilting behind it more, get your shoulders, your right shoulder down lower than your left shoulder. And that’s going to help you hit up, its going to create power and its going to get that golf ball reaching the furthest distance you’ve ever hit it.

So once we’ve set up, we’ve got the stunts nice and wide, we’ve tilted the body, we’ve got the ball position forward. Now, when we’re coming to hit, I want you to get back in this position, I want you to stay behind the golf ball, I want you to really get your arms through the shot. We’re not going to hit down, we’re going to hit up. I want you to hit up on this driver, get it launching nice and high and make sure that those angles of attack are coming up through the shot.

So let’s do this, let’s give this a hit. I don’t think there’s enough room on this range but we’ll give it a go. So nice wide stance, right foot back, I’m going to tilt behind it, I’m going to hit and – swing and hit up. Okay, that’s really long, okay that’s really long. I want you to try that next time you play. You are going to hit it in.