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Right you're on the course, you’ve got to hole this putt to win the match. This is it, this is all it comes down to, you're on the 18th hole and you’ve got to make sure you hole a certain putt. You're nervous, you're worried, you're scared and you’ll end up starting to get into a, a kind of, an almost a stubby way of doing it. I'm going to help you today to be able to look at your speed control when under such pressures like this. And a really simple way of doing this is to actually practice either just to the side of the hole, or side of the golf ball. And you just look at the hole when you practice. So regardless of everything that’s going on around you, you're focused on one mission, and that is getting that golf ball in that hole.

You hit it on the side or you hit it just behind and again you're looking at the hole. And all you can imagine doing is knocking this straight in that hole. That way when you take your putt, you're just going to repeat that same stroke, so you just setup, have a look the hole, look back and just repeat that same stroke. And you will hole that winning putt, and when you make it turn around and then you go, oh you, can’t believe you managed to hole that. You can go, all I had in mind was the hole and that’s all you need to think about.