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That’s going to be really close. Right, making more birdies. We need to be absolutely spot on with our distances if we want to make more birdies. So the birdies come from not an amazing drive, that doesn’t really matter, it’s from the second shot. It’s from the approach shot to the green, from that 150 yard in. It doesn’t matter what you’re hitting, from a six iron down to a lob wedge you have to know your distances perfect. You have to know exactly how far you are hitting it and review it regularly. Don’t just presume, test distances all year round. And not only that, time of year can change so in summer you hit the ball further than you will during the winter. So be absolutely spot on with your distances and create a chart. Create a distance chart that you carry around with you, that you stick on your bag, you can laminate it, stick on your bag, leave it in the pocket, leave it in your score card, you need it with you all times.

Good way of doing distance charts, is starting off with let’s say five iron. So if you hit five, five irons, take away your worst ones, take away your best one and use the three in the middle to work out an average of how far you are hitting. Because that is really – it's inevitably what we want. Then do the six same again seven, eight, nine all the way down to your pitching wedge. Do the same with your sand wedge – the gap wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge and also filling the gaps in between. So if you look at your set then go “hold on I have got written my pitching wedge 110, but I’ve written my sand wedge 80.” Well there needs to be a club in that, there needs to be a gap wedge, something that is going to fill that gap. So make sure – get a double on that putt, do it somewhere flat, do it somewhere non-windy. If there’s a good drive meet, it’s got very good measurements on it, you feel that you are comfortable with the measurement on that, use that and just sit down. Make a note of exactly how far. When you get on the golf course next time you stood next to the 150 marker, pace out five yards where your ball is, you know you are 145 yards away, you look at your chart, you go right that’s a softy seven nine. You get your seven nine straight away you head full of confidence, you look at your target, you know that this is going to go close. And it does. So what distance charts in general, or some idea and make sure you get one.