So if you are around the golf course and you are really struggling to hit your irons, but you start hitting your hybrids instead and you start liking your hybrids. But then you have still got this, sort of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron that you are really struggling with. Well, how about you replace those with hybrids, so you have hybrids right the way through your back. So here I have gotten the Thomas Golf AT725, now the 725 is a square aversion, the 705, the more rounded one. I have got the 725 here and I have actually got it in an 8 hybrid, that’s a 38 degree golf club. So this golf club goes about a 130 yards for me, but because of the way the club is designed with the weight low and deep at the bottom, this thing just pops the ball straight up in the air. I feel like I could hit this from any different way, any different position on the golf course and it’s only got to go one way. It’s just going to go straight up in the air, which is beautiful.

I could hit it from the toe, I could hit it from the heel, hit it from the top or the bottom, hit out from a bad light, dig it out of the trees, a little knockdown punch shot there and it just drills out forwards. Because all the way, it’s low and deep on the golf club, very lightweight shaft, it really maximizes the club head speed that I am generating. But also because the weights in the bottom, everything just wants to pop the ball up in the air. And the alignment of your shots is taking care of really nicely as well, because the square back, it sits beautifully behind the ball, nice confidence giving head. And I have got a straight line right on top of the golf club. So I am pointing that club and that line exactly where I want the ball to go. If I was playing quite a lofted hybrid here for a normal shot, I would play just ahead of center, just an inch ahead of center. I then hit down on this as hard as I like, just striking down.

And the ball just pops up really nicely and it gives me a lot more confidence and let's say a traditional iron shot. So if you feel like you are struggling through your mid to short irons, have a consideration of putting hybrid clubs in that part of your bag as well. And if you are looking at lofted hybrid clubs, you can’t really look any further than the products from Thomas Club, either the 725 with the square back as I have here, or the more traditional rounded pear shaped 705. Check them out, give them a hit and see how you get on.

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