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Video Transcript

Right so you’ve arrived at the golf club with last minute as most golfers do. You’ve got no time to practice. If you’ve got a couple of minutes this is the drill for you. This will help you get on that golf course and reduce your score with that simple putting drill in a putting game that you can do instead of going for a coffee or a bacon but go and get – do this drill on the putting green. And all it is is figuring out the speed of the putting green on that particular day. So what you are going to do is you are going to start off in one position. You don’t even need a hole for this. You don’t even need any alignment even if all the holes are being taken you can go into a small corner of the putting green and just pop a tee peg down.

From there, from that starting position what your mission is to do is try and knock five or ten golf balls after each other, just getting past the last one each time but only just past it if you can. And it’s going to help you figure out the speed of the putting green that day. So for example on your first put, you want to have a very short put. On your next one you want to hit just past that golf ball. On your next one you want to hit just past that golf ball and you can bring them back once you’ve progressed on it. So that’s now three in a row. If I don’t hit it past, start again and see if you can get ten in a row. If you’ve got maybe five, ten minutes, do it coming back again. So start from the longest put and bring it back slowly but surely, not getting past the last ball. That is a great way of judging the speed of the green when you arrive a little bit late before you get ready to tee off.