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Video Transcript

Right, we’re going to give you a drill today, it’s going to get you hitting the best drive you can hit; maximum distance, with a really simple drill. So we all want distance with the driver, we all want to hit this to furthest up, out of all our playing partners, everyone that we play with, we want to hit it the furthest. I’m going to give you a really simple, drill that you can practice, you can practice at home, you don’t even need to go out to the drive range or on the golf course. And all that is; if you take hold of your golf club and I want you to place your left hand on top of the grip and your right hand underneath, almost halfway down the club really.

Now what we tend to not use in the golf swing is our levers, we don’t tend to use our arms and our levels or be able to propel this golf ball as far as we possibly can. What I tend to see is a lot of golfers come into the ball and almost shy away from it, pull their arms in and bring everything in and we don’t really extend and punch the golf ball through the hitting area and that’s going to maximize your club head speed and maximize your distance. So, with this drill, all we do is, we set up with it, left hand on top of the grip, right hand under the shaft.

Once you get to the top of your backswing, you’ll notice how your left arm is straighter and your right arm is flexed, almost in your biceps position really. As you come back down, all you do is start to straighten up the right arm as you come in to hit the shot. So as you come in you’ve got to straighten that right arm and excel the golf club straight through the golf ball at fastest speed. And this is not hitting golf balls by the way; this is just a practice drill. You should be doing well if you could hit it like this but don’t try that.

So as you come in, extend and stretch that right arm, so you’ve created all that power, give it a few go’s when you practice, give it a few go’s at home, give it a few go’s before you even go out and play. And as you come in to swing, stretch that right arm and excel up, club head through the ball. That was it; I used my lever really well. Give that a go next time you play. I hope you’ve got that and thanks for watching.