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So you want to play your chip shot it's going to get you closest to the to the flag. Now technique – we are going to give some simple drills and tips to make sure that your technique is absolutely perfect when you’re chipping.

GOLFSTR+ is a swing training aid which you may want to consider to train for better wrist control when chipping. 1/ Use it on your lagging wrist to hold a limited wrist lag during the back swing and as you swing into contact with the ball. It allow your wrist to bend back at the same angle as the bent angle of the plastic plate. Chipping by leading with your hands will allow you to make a more consistent impact. 2/ Scooping the ball at the point of impact causes mishits. GOLFSTR can also be used to lock your leading wrist to prevent cupping in the follow through. It’s is a good training solution to see the impact of better directional control with your improved chipping swing. This training aid has 4 other uses and can be found on For Every Swing in Your Game.

None of this play the ball back, ball too far forward, open close, hands back and front. maybe rhythmically way of making sure that you know exactly what you going to do when you chip to make it more repetitive, to make it more consistence to get this ball closer to that hole.

First things first, we need to take a lot of the power out of the shot. So I'm just chipping here just from my sand wedge just my 54 degree well 54 degree loft club. Now first things first, we don’t need to manipulate this golf club. I don’t need to open it I don’t need to close it, I don’t need to put it back and I don’t need to put it forward.

I'm going to place this in the middle of my feet and you will also notice how my feet are quite narrow, quite close together. The way this stands great power so we don’t need any more so we can take that completely out of the shot because we were only going to land it 10,15 yard here. So I'm going to take the stands completely out of it. Something that also gives the golf a lot of power is the land to the club. I'm not sure not that holding it right to the end of way says that the symbol here the button of the golf club.

If I now setup ball bang in the middle, I'm square to it. I'm not sideways; I'm not doing all this. I'm dead square to it and the simplest drill that we can do; simplest way advice is to do what we call hinge and hold.

So we hinge the club back, use a little bit a wrist action on the way back and then hold the finish where you can see my arm and the club practically in the perfect show line. So it's hinge and hold. And if we can do that when we chip in the middle, hinge and hold.

And that way our chipping becomes more consistent and we can land it in the same spot over and over again. Hinge and hold that would make you a better chipper.