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Video Transcript

So the slice shot. The one that moves from the left of the target and curves horrendously to the right hand side normally putting you in trouble, normally losing distance and it is not a nice golf shot to have. We are going to talk about how we improve our slice and get you hit the ball a lot straighter, improving consistency and getting a little bit more power. So I have got a little station set up here with a Tee pegs and this golf ball, so let’s say my target area is this way now and I'm hitting straight down towards the wall there, now when we normally slice the golf ball, the club would come in from this outside Tee, there is green tee just at the edge of the map, it will go through the golf ball and then come out of that white tee. The face would be fairly straight to where it is supposed to be going to doesn’t have to be as wide open as everyone thinks it is so, somewhere from that green side, white tee and that ends up putting that curve on the golf ball slicing off to that right hand side.

So we are going to change that, and what way we are going to do is we are going to swing back straight away from the golf ball so no going in here straight away we are going to swing back straight away. As you get to the top, change the direction so that you come off from this white tee just position here and come in to the golf ball from over the inside that’s the complete different path than what you have been doing in the past if you sliced it nice. So as you go straight back change direction, we are going to go white tee through the ball, green tee and that is going to put the other side to spin on the golf ball and probably get you to, well, it will get you to hit the ball a lot straighter and may even start to draw the golf ball. So if you put that into practice, if I stand on this side, and I want to go more from in to out as we hit this shot, oh, that is perfect, nice little drill. It is actually perfect.