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Video Transcript

So you’re on the course, you are at the front of the green and you want to check that as close to the flag cover as naturally as you want – as you can do. And it’s over an hour and you are thinking which club should I use? Use the one that is going to require the least amount of power. So require the one that is going to use the least amount of power to get you to your target, and if you can the least amount of loft to get it to your target. Now you're not going to be able to determine that, the golf course will determine it for you almost. So I've got three clubs out here, I have got my anytime, my pitching wedge and my lob wedge. So three fairly spaced out golf clubs and I chip with all three of these and I chip practice and use these a lot when I do come here, and I would advise you to pick three that would do something similar; a low shot, a medium shot and a high shot.

So for example, if you’ve got the green and you’ve got all the green to play with and you’ve got very limited room to get over, so you are looking at the London at the front of the green and getting the ball rolling as quick as you possibly can. From there you can actually start to read it almost more like a pot, so you can start to determine how it's going to break, how it’s going to slope, rather than landing it on the green, jumping and hoping and skipping and bouncing everywhere. So, simple setup for chipping and this requires every single club as well, this goes to every single club as well.

Aright, so really narrow stance, grip down on the golf club, so you are holding it further down on the club. You are going to lean ever so slightly onto your left foot. All I’m going to do is take it with a limited wrist hinge, on the way through almost no wrist hinge and just clip the ground. Now this should climb really low and then run the rest of the way. Perfect! So that should run in front of the green and run out. The same technique would be going for the pitching wedge so grip down, narrow stance, make sure there’s limited wrist hinge, no wrist hinge and that’s landed further past but it's finished in a very similar position. Last one lob wedge, narrow stance, grip down, little wrist hinge, no wrist hinge, that has to – has to require a bit more power to get that almost in the same place as these two, but it stopped an awful lot quicker. So if you’ve got loads of green to work with and not much to get over, you’re last lofted chipping club. If you’ve got to get over a little bit and run it a little bit, you’ve got your pitching wedge or your middle lofted wedge, and if you’ve got to get over a lot and stop it quickly, you’ve got your most lofted club . Use of all three clubs get really good with them and then make the course force your hand into what club you are going to hit rather than daunting yourself. Do that next time you play and you will get much closer to the hole.