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Video Transcript

Hitting a high golf shot on purpose. If you want to hit a golf shot with a mid iron and you want to get it over something, let’s say you’ve got a tree or something to get over and you want it to fly really high or if you’re a bit down wind and you want that extra bit of distance, we’re going to do a drill to help you achieve the height that you’re after with a mid iron. And you can do it with any iron, but a mid iron is what we’re going to practice with at the moment; we’ve got a six iron here. And a couple of things that we need to change is just the set up. We need to put our ball position about an inch further forward than what we normally would have it. So for a six iron, I would normally place just in front the center. I’m going to pop that just a little bit further forward of that, nothing much just a little bit. The important bit is that we don’t want to be leaning back and trying to scoop the golf ball.

So swing it in exactly the same way as you would do normally, but in the follow through kind of leads to a lot of untapped potential to hit this golf ball a lot higher. All I’m going to do, I’m going to hit the golf ball just in front of where I’d normally hit it and finish with my hands really high above my head after I’ve hit. This stop us releasing a little bit, this stops us shooting down the golf club and it will also encourage us to hit the ball just slightly on the way up, not in a leaning back method. So ball just in front of where I’d normally play it, I’m going to finish with my hands nice and high after the shot hit on that up part of the swing just a little bit. So you can see that, I’ve finished with my hands really high, has gone really high and that’s just landed stop dead. It stops straight on the green. So hitting it high, finish with the hands nice and high and you will hit that shot next time you play.