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Video Transcript

Okay, gain good strike with your irons; you need balance. That example that wasn’t very good, I lost my footing, I’ve spun all over the place and therefore I hit it a little bit behind, not a very effective goal swing at all. Balance is really the key because you want to be able to maintain a lot of your angles and your golf swings, your posture, your set up your stance and you need to stay – you need to make sure that your body weight is transferred in the correct manner. So back swing, making sure it’s moving away from target a little bit, down swing making sure it’s moving towards target a little bit, but holding all of those areas in a balanced position; A couple of drills for you to hold your balance.

First one, feet’s together drill, this is an old classic, this is one that a lot of players use on the drive range, even in tour events I’ve seen players using this. I’m using this, mid iron, seven iron, I’m still going to hit this full power, but my stance is really narrow, so I’ve got my feet completely together. Now I want you to hit a full shot, but see if you can maintain your balance with your feet that close together. You can see that my feet hardly moved and I have managed to stay fairly central as I flung that, so that’s really good one.

Slightly more advanced one, the more daring golfers out there; we’ve got the balance boards. Now these are kind exercise boards, color coordinated as you can see obviously. This is a real test of how good you are with your balance, this helps with your core strength and your goal swing. I’m wobbling already, with your core strength and goal swing making sure that you can hold your posture up better and hit much more effective shots, so you’re not sliding all over the show and hitting behind and in front of the golf ball. So you get can a couple of this, you can get them online, but just squishy pads, you can get them in a lot of gym places, they sell them there. Also helps you with kind of ankle stability as well a little bit. If you’ve not got these, make sure you ask the other half first but you can even practice when you’re still on your bed that squishy material, is going to help. I wouldn’t hit golf balls though; I don’t know how you’d get away with that.

So I’m going to hit a golf ball on this, obviously I’m a little bit race so this is going to really test my kind of senses in my feet and my body as I swing and hit this. You can see there, my legs are moving a little bit but I’m still stood on this, my face is in the mouth thankfully. So as you come off and hit another shot now, I straight away feel more grounded to the floor. I really feel like I’m planting my feet full of concrete now. As I come in to hit, I’m really stay unbalanced. And I could hold this position all day long as my ball almost hit the flag. And that’s just me staying unbalanced, that’s me staying a lot of better, weight distribution in my body. I want you to practice that, feet together, balance boards, hit ball get your feet grounded and you will improve your strike.