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Video Transcript

Right; you’re watching this video because you are shanking the golf ball. The shank’s so destructive, it’s such a awful shot to have especially after you’ve had a good drive or you’re on a par three – or it just gets really into your head and we’re going to talk about the simplest drill you can practice to stop shanking the golf ball and to get your confidence back. To get your head in the golf ball back, to get on the golf course and get you scoring again.

Couple of things; now first off, you maybe shanking, so shanking in the hosel part of the golf club just here and it’s shooting and severely off to the right. Sometimes it’ll go forward and then right but it just horrible, but it’s not a nice shot at all. And a couple of things first, you may just be still too close to the golf ball. So as you address the ball you might just stand a little too close, therefore as you come down there’s no real room for you to hit, you end up hitting the heel part of the golf club that could be one option.

So a good set up distance away from the golf ball, is place your club down first and make sure the ball’s right in the middle. Get your hands below your chin and then take your stance from there, locking and creating a nice space between yourself and your golf club. Don’t want to get on top of it where your hands are below your chest, your hands want to be right below your chin. So club, down, hands below my chin, and then take my stance and my posture, okay that’s one really important thing.

The other one, I got a drill for you that’s going to help you. So this is the part that sits at the driver range. I’m going to place two golf balls together, relatively close together about two inches apart at the moment. So if I line that open to the middle of the golf ball, the one that’s – the golf ball that’s closest to me and hit it, I would not hit that other golf ball. If you’re shanking it however, you would hit the other golf ball. So it’s going to cause you to hit both of the golf balls and they’re both going to shoot out.

What you need to learn to do in practice – I’ll place it this way, is as you come back into the golf ball, make sure you keep your hands nice and close to your body on the way down, so we’ve set open the right distance away from the golf ball, bring the hands in nice and close and avoid hitting the other golf ball. Make sure there is no one here by the way, because you might end up hitting him in the shin. So club down first, hands blew your chin, take your stance, now it’s a swing feeling like you are trying to hit the toe with the golf club.

I have got some impact tape on my golf club here and we are going to see exactly where it hits it and my mission is it to hit it one the toe side of the golf club on this one. That’s a nice hit. So you can see I have hit the golf ball that was closest to me, I’ve not moved the other golf ball and I have got a strike mark, that’s right in the toe end of the golf club. I would advice getting some impact tape and working on that. Make sure you put two golf balls together and get your confidence of hitting the other side of the golf club again. That will cure your shanks.