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Okay the fade. The on purpose fade not just the oh, I think – I think, the hit and fade, the perfect fade the one that you want to hear on that golf hole that swings off to that right hand side, dogleg you want to get closer to, that shot you’ve got to get round the tree. We are going to help you today to give you the best help you can possibly do to make sure you fade the golf ball next time you try it. So golf station set up here just with this tee peg. I’ve got the green tee peg and the white tee peg. I’m just going to use this alignment stick to give you bit of an idea of what kind of my target line is as well.

Well, so the fade--the swing also slightly come from outside to inside from green tee to white tee with a fairly straight face. It doesn’t really matter too much about the face don’t be saying, “Oh I will put in all of this.” Just think green tee, white tee as you swing through the ball. Another really good way of thinking about this is imagining a clock face, so clock face says this is 12 o’clock so straight at your target this is 6 o’clock. What I want you to feel like you’re doing is almost swinging from 5 o’clock all the way through to 11 o’clock so you swing it through the ball in that direction.

Now this would normally slice through the golf ball this would probably exaggerate your slices of maybe don’t do it quite as much but so many hit the ball straight off, so there’s someone hits say draw and wants to hit a fade. This is absolute perfect drill for that. So once we set up your feeling is once you get to the top of the golf swing still swing straight back to as so if you’re swinging straight back to six o’clock get to the top of your golf swing change the directions to your coming more from five and then come out of the golf ball and exit through the eleven o’clock, so you swinging through the golf ball that way. Now that way you don’t really have to do a great deal with club face, the club face will look after itself a long as your grip is neutral and the club face is that straight.

So, let’s give it a go so all I’m going to think about is I’m swinging through the golf ball from five and exit it in the eleven so from out to in, not going to do anything with the club face and we going to get to that part for the is the dog leg to the right much easier. That’s the wall, that’s the wall—that’s move perfectly. Okay so I was admiring that shot, so why don’t you give that go next time you practice you will reach that dog leg to the right much easy, you will bend it round the tree much easier, thanks for watching.