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Video Transcript

Right creating spin; getting that golf ball bouncing on the golf green, on the green making sure it spins back, closest to the hole and hopefully not spinning off the green. Really important factors you need to be aware of. Spin doesn’t just happen okay? You can’t just imagine you’ll get that, make spin unless you’ve got these factors correct, first things first.

Clean grooves; Make sure your grooves are unbelievably clean and fairly new, okay? If they’re worn, they’re not going to create the spin on the golf ball it will require to make sure they’re dry, clean and sharp. The next thing is the quality of golf ball. Now, hard covered golf balls aren’t going to spin as much as soft covered golf balls. So your premium golf balls have got softer cover, they will grub on the club face a bit more and when they land, they will spin back as well. So you’ve got clean, dry sharp grooves, soft premium golf ball and those two factors alone are going to help you spin the golf ball a little bit more. From that you need a nice surface. So spinning it out in the rough is probably not going to work for you. Spinning it off a nice tight fairway is. So making sure that the ground conditions, you’re not going to be able to make it spin out a knee length.

So we have to be realistic of when we want the ball to spin. Last factor is where -- what we hitting it to. If it’s bone dry, so if the green is absolutely dry and there’s no moisture it and it’s not receptive, the ball’s got nothing to dig into and get its teeth into and pull it back. If it’s particularly slow green, it’s not going to spin back. So we’re looking for good conditions as well. You may have seen it on toll, when you see the guys until spinning it back; they are playing premium conditions, perfect fairway, brand new golf clubs, brand new golf ball. The perfect greenway is receptive but, fast and it will spin. So a lot of factors you’ve got to bear in mind and there’s one more. You thought that was it but there’s one more clean strike.

So we want to make sure we hit the ball first and the turf after. So make sure we hit down, get that ball, grabbing that ball first and then taking the turf after taking the divot and accelerate, give it good powerful hit. So we’ve got a lot of factors; we’ve got clean grooves, there enough, we’ve got a soft ball, we’ve got a receptive green I’m going into. I want to accelerate this, spin it in. Oh, that’s going to spin back. Okay, I was taking one bounce and that’s slot back probably about ten feet. So you’ve got the factors in mind. And you will spin the ball a lot better.