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Video Transcript

Okay getting up and down more it is such a huge part of the golf game making sure you chip it close and knock the very next shoot in. It will completely bring your scores down hugely. And lots of times where you might chip it to the wrong side of the green take two or three putts, you do that five or six times around and your scores are going to shoot up. We are going to slash those scores and make sure – let me give you really easy – almost like a game, a phone game to practice so that when you play next time your chipping and putting will become so much better.

Now it’s a game where we actually practice round the putting, putting grade or chipping grade e-club or you can do on the drive range if you’ve got a putting section of the drive range as well. And all we’re going to do is we are going to actually record our score over a nine hole putting course, so get a part of the paper. I’m making sure you’ve got almost a golf a dairy, if you write down once in nine and that’s all different holes, your target is try and shoot as close to 18 shots as you possibly can.

So that’s chipping from one location to a flag taking a putter knocking it in two putts obviously you’ve got three, we’re always trying to look as many tools as you possibly can to bring that score down. Play it from different areas of the green play it from different flags, mix it up a little bit, keep it – really do keep a score of it because next time you play your tag is to try and beat your last score, so you are not just you are just not practicing for no real reason. So onces you’ve played a shot and you’ve changed it into a flag see where it’s finished, grab your putter wonder over to the green, not that way as if your everything as if your proper score depends on it. Come back down write your score down, go from a different location to a different flag that way you will get much better again in up and down, and why not challenge your friends, challenge your playing partner and that way you’re keep that competitive edge as well and I tell you what your scores will come crashing down if that happens. Play well next time if you play.