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Video Transcript

Oh, the slice, really horrendous golf shot to have. We are going to fix that today, I’m going to give you a really simple drill to make this shot less curved and hopefully get you hitting the golf ball an awful lot straighter and maybe even hitting a bit more of a draw, the complete opposite shape. We are going to talk about a drill today that you can practice on the drive range, you can visualize on the golf course and it will help you hit the golf ball a lot straighter once executed.

So the slice; the slice swing on the way down tends to come a little bit over the top lets say, outside and will cut across the golf ball in par and not spin. The golf club face can be fairly straight to your target, that’s not as much of a hindrance, couple of things though, if the club face is open and is curving of to the right or is open to where we swing it through the golf ball, we need to check our grip. Now one of the grips that would cause an open face would be a weak grip. So one that would swing a little bit too much round this left hand side of the golf club.

So as we hold it, we are not seeing any knuckles on that hand and the right hand is slight a bit too much on the top and when the club returns to the golf ball it’s a bit open. So what we are going to talk about is making sure that left hand we see two knuckles on the back of the left hand, the right hand comes round the club first, fingers around and hand straight on top. That’s in a much more neutral position, so the club face will come back a lot squarer a lot straighter.

The drill that we are going to talk about today is the wall drill. Now as I set up to the golf ball here, I’m going to swing the golf ball back then straight, not even attempting to swing towards that wall at all, not yet anyway. So I’m going to swing it straight back away from the golf ball. I’m going to get to the top of the swing, then I’m going to change direction and this is where the wall comes into play. I’m going to feel like the golf club is almost going to reach that wall behind me.

So as I go straight back and get to the top, I’m going to change the direction, get the club feeling like it’s going to touch that wall behind me, I’m no way near it by the way. Touching that wall behind me and as I swing through the golf ball, I’m going to cross my right arm over with my left and get the bottom end of the golf club pointing straight back down to the golf ball. So that’s top wall, right arm over left. Let’s give that a go. Perhaps so much straighter, that is perfect. No slice at all.