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That’s close, that’s really close. You’re on the golf course, you’ve pinned your iron into the green and you want as close to the pin as you possibly can. We’re going to talk about how you’re going to achieve that in a really simple way, by adjusting where you hold on the golf club, to work out different distances so it’s not just maximum distance all the time. I’m going to think about your golf club, as having three different distances attached to it. So for example I made a 7 iron I normally hit my 7 iron about 165. Now and I can adjust that, I can adjust that so I can really smash to have 170 about 165 normally. But I can also drop that down to 160, I can drop that down to 155. And I can almost drop it down to 150 as well.

So I have got a range of nearly 20 yards there, just by holding the golf club slightly different. This is going to help be able to judge your distances better onto part three’s or into the green on part four or part fives. So always think about your club as having three different gears, you’ve got fifth gear, maximum power, you’re holding that right up at the top, that is your maximum power and as long as you hit that full, that’s going to go 165; for me anyway, you might be longer than me, or a bit shorter than me. The next gear, fourth gear, fourth gear is just an inch down, I just have to do again I’m going to hit this 160, same swing, that’s nice, really nice. Its about-- I just finished about five, six yards shorter than the last one. And then I’ve got third gear, the third gear is two inches down, practically at the bottom of the golf club or bottom of the grip shall I say. Same swing, oh that’s another kind of five yard shorter, oh that’s perfect. So I’m changing the length of the golf shot just simply by changing the gear on the club, I’m going to say a gear, fifth gear is at the top, fourth gear is an inch down, the third gear is two inches down from the top. And that’s going to help you get closer to the pin straight away as soon as you got into the golf course.