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Video Transcript

Right, what do we carry in this bad boy all the way round? Why all the pockets, why do we need them all? We need to fill them; we need to fill them with stuff that we are going to use so that’s important. Don’t just fill it with whatever – all the water bottles and this side of the – you’ve got to fill it with stuff that you are actually going to be using. First thing make sure you setup golf clubs are filling all the gaps. So you can carry 14 golf clubs for a reason. So make sure you’ve got your long clubs, your short clubs and make sure you got your gaping along the bottom as well. Ask yourself how far do you hit your driver; ask yourself how far you hit your wedge. Work out the distance between those two and all the irons should fill those differences and then work out how many irons you’ve got from your pitching wedge down and you’ll find that you might not have as enough wedges in your bag.

So you might want to reshuffle that but that’s down to you to decide. Once you’ve got that, then you need to think about the conditions. So is it going to be wet, is it going to be dry? If it’s wet make sure you’ve got all the correct water gear. Your bottom, your watery punch, your watery top, a rain glove, a towel I’ve got a towels in here. You’ve got your water proofs in this side. Making sure you’ve got all the golf clubs in there that you need also brolly that is one of the most important things that you can probably carry when it’s wet obviously. Because you want to keep everything dry. The grips when they get wet can just get awful and sticky. Rain glove that you can get is fantastic for making sure that even when it gets wet it’s superb. Have spares of stuff as well. Have a spare glove, have a spare rain glove, have a spare towel in case it gets horrendous. If it’s sunny the nice side of the golf, get some sun glasses.

We don’t want to be looking at the hole and going “I don’t even know where the – the hole is here”. You need some shades to make sure that you know where you are going and you’re not tempted to that when you hit you just can’t even see the golf ball. Get some sun cream, get some lip bum. So again you know how a golf course going “I wish I brought that, I wish I’d had that” make sure you are prepared for all this stuff guys. Then Tee pegs, un-pull them out of the golf balls. Make sure you’ve got a marker – a pen marker, a ball marker, a pitch fork. Make sure you’ve got all these things in a safe place so you know exactly where they are so you can get them. Make sure when you’ve marked your golf ball you mark it correctly. So put your identification on that golf ball. So if you do lose it, you know exactly what identification is on that golf ball. From there you might need a pencil; you might need your score card and even a course planner.

So get all those things ready before you play. Don’t go running down on a foreign – a foreign golf course you’ve never played before going “I don’t even know what the first hole is” get prepared for all this stuff. Make sure you’ve got all the relevant stuff, that way when you get on the golf course you know exactly what you need. Well I think the measuring devices have become a lot more popular these days. So you can get the laser ones, you can get the GPS ones, they are worth getting if you know your distances. Get your distances on a wedge chart. So you know exactly what you need to cover and you’ve got your distance finder and you look at your chart you know exactly where you’re hitting each club in your bag – exact distance. That way when you get out on the golf course you are going to play the best golf because you are prepared. There is nothing worse than not having stuff. Make sure that happens next time you play.