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Video Transcript

Okay, the Golf Hook. Really destructive shot, a shot that moves right in the air and most of the time will be the lost, out of bounds or in trouble. This video is going to help you solve that problem. A lot of the time with the hook, it starts normally with the drive, you can hook irons as well, the less loft the golf club would hook the ball even more. Couple of things that leads to a hook is incorrect grip, so when we are holding a golf club, tends to be the grip is a bit too strong so too much around the back of the golf club. In turn it will turn the face over, close it down and send the golf ball left. As a result you probably learn to swing it more off to that right-hand side to try and stop it going to the left. So that they are not curving to get much greater and ends up even further left of target and that is not what we want. So first things first make sure you have got the correct grip, so when you are setting up to the golf ball and your hands are on the club have a look next time if you are going hook it, your hands will tend to be a bit round the back of the golf club, we are looking at getting the hands a little bit more on top, left hand so that we can see two knuckles, right hands with a V here is more in the middle of the golf club then what will tend to happen we won’t close the face quite as much you’ll serve a tendency of swinging out to the right hand side quite a lot often in and out quite a lot and you would probably block it from the first few shots. Once you have got the hang of blocking it and hitting onto a different side of the golf course it doesn’t want you to feel like you are trying to get into almost a cross armed position where your right arm is going over your left and you finish with the bottom of the golf club, pull it straight down to the Tee.

So a hook would tend to be strong in and out, we are going to go more neutral with the grip, swing it straighter and just cross over those arms. Perfect. That completely eliminated that hook shot, give it a go hope you have got that, write it down give it a try next time you are at the driving range and thanks very much for watching.