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You want to hole more putts? Am I right? Yes you are. So I'm going to give you a game and a drill that you can practice that is going to really hone in your skills to get you holing more putts when you are out in the golf course, so next time you're playing your mate for a little bit of money, you are going to take the money, okay? Simple drill, that, that simple. We are going to use almost a clock face drill, so this tee peg in the middle is our hole effectively. What I'm going to do is we are going to put a couple of golf balls equal distances all the way around the tee peg. So let's say this is 12 way at the moment, we are going to put one just at the side of three, six and nine, staff on one side, take your putts knock it in the hole, move around, knock it in the hole.

This is the hard bit, you have to start all over again if you miss one, and be strict with that. I want to see if you can go all the way around the clock at least once before you have to start again. If you miss your start again, that’s it. Then advance it, make it a little bit more than that. Let's imagine we are on this on the bigger scale, so we are on the putting green and this is our hole, just in the middle here. This time what I am going to do, do the same clock drill, but you are going to have three clocks so you’re going to have three clocks all the way around. You are going to have one clock let's say two feet away, your next one five feet, your next one seven feet.

So these need to be stretched out a little bit more. But the idea is that you start on the first one and you knock the first one in, you move back on to the second one, you knock the second one in, you move back on to the third one, you knock the third one in. And the idea then is that you are all going to go all the way around the clock knocking one, two, three in, one two three in, if you miss, you start again, okay? It’s a tough skill, but you’ve got to get really good and kind of do that for a while, a radius of about seven feet. If you are feeling confident and cocky, go further out, see how far you can get. That will make you a much better putter.