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The simple flop shot. A flop shot is so important to have in the bag. It's the shot that you are going to need on the golf course when you get behind the bunker, when your short side yourself, when you’ve got to get it up and down and stop there quickly really, really quickly. Now a lot of the times in the past, there has been a lot of talk about opening, opening up your body getting the club to slide underneath. Golf clubs now have been engineered better than that.

They've got new angles on the bottom, they got bounce angles and a lot of the time the golf club can work in your favor, simply. So if I use this, I've got my 60 degree lob wedge here, already I'm going to put this angle in it so you can see where the face points, you can appreciate how much loft is coming on that now at the moment. If I aim this, square to where I'm going to 6th wall for example, so I'm aiming straight down the target lying down really. Now if I open the golf club that stick clearly points to the right. So that’s now pointing to the right of the target. So that’s going to – yes it's going to elevate the loft that stick increased in height, but it's going to finish right on target.

Really simple way, we don't have to open the body; we don't have to do an anything clever. All I'm going to do is I'm going to drop the handle of the golf club, and you can see how that stick now points straight at the target and I've not changed anything so that’s perfect as so I open closed face if I just drop the handle down, that stick now points directly at the target and I don’t have to open anything up.

All I’ve done is drop my hands use the bounce angle on the bottom of the golf club, and if I just swing this normally now, the elevation of that golf club will increase hugely without any effort at all. So let's do that, let’s turn it open so that now the handle is not straighten to the right, drop my hands, and the club still appears open, but trust it, it's not it's going to be that square that straight to target swing and hit and if that will get over any hazard. So that's simple flop shot trust it, get over bunkers and get it close to holes.