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Video Transcript

Okay, keeping your head down through the ball; this is the complete myth, okay? This is something the players will say to other players when they are out on the golf course, keep your head down, you lifted your head, you topped, you shanked it, you hit left, you hit right apparently it is all to do with your head and lifting it up. It’s a complete myth, a load of rubbish; don’t worry about it at all. The only thing that keeping your head down though, is restrict--your follow through. So keeping your head down once you’re here is to only do that. I can’t now twist my body, I can’t turn, I can’t create any power. I don’t have a clue where the golf ball has gone. So keeping your head down is not true, it’s not real. More important things is to hold your posture when you’re coming to hit, that is absolutely that’s really important.

So when we’ve got into our posture and set up, so we’ve got our bum out, our back straight making sure that we could maintain this angle, a little bit a flex in the knees, and when we come back and hit we want to maintain these angles, making sure we still got the posture, making sure that we still maintain those holds. And also keeping the weight distribution in your feet correct as well. So assess it and only looks for getting your weight, weight in the ball or your feet. And when you’re coming to hit, you still want the weight in the ball or your feet, you don’t want to be kind of leaning back into your heels that’s all, you want to stand the ball or your feet, here and please just watch the balls enjoy it, enjoy the fight because you will hit a much better golf shots that way. Stick with me, make sure you don’t leave key head down and don’t get passing this information unto other golf club--golfers as well if I say, get your head down there. Enjoy play better golf.