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Can you hear that? Can you hear it? So the putting tempo, a really good drill to get your putting tempo better, is imagining a ticking clock. So kind of a metronome effect, a grandfather clock where it stays at a reasonable, almost the same speed all the time. All you are going to do from there is increase or decrease the length of back swing. So for example if I’m doing to short shot you can hear the sticking at the moment staying at that speed from back and through, and if I go a little bit longer -- and longer, I’m always staying to that same beat, that same speed.

So when you do it next time, I’ve just got a metronome homophone there but next time you do it on the golf course, just think of about that. When you practicing tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, and that way when you stand from the golf ball, you are not going to be tempted to go tick tock, tick, tock, or you are going to change it, make sure you stay at that same speed all the time. So you are going, tick tock. That way you are going to improve your tempo when you putt and you are going to hold a lot more putts.