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So gripping the golf putter is different to a normal grip. It's not just holding and overlapping interlock it, it needs a bit more stability in the wrist to making sure that the club face doesn’t twist too much when we come to hit it. So this putting grip style is used by a lot of players, a lot of good players use this putting style. There’s a lot of different alternatives out there as in right hand, low left and everything else but this is the most simple and most effective one. So first thing we want to make sure that the putter and the putter grip and everything else is nice and straight so make sure your club face is completely straight to target and that the bottom and in front of the putter grip here is dead flat. From there if you take your left hand on first and almost hold it quite palmy, so quite in the palm a lot rather than the fingers so much. This way it's going to lock our left wrist slightly better. Thumbs straight down the front and index finger just on the side but we are going to have to move that in a minute so just keep it on the side at the moment. Right hand again quite palmy so hold it quite in the palm there fingers on then and thumb down the front. Now index fingers if you bring them down the outside here so both index fingers are running down the outside and both thumbs are pointing down the front. That’s going to make sure that you your wrist becomes almost rigid so that we not getting so flicky or turn over or making sure the club face change. So we quite palmy we got the thumbs down the front we’ve got the index fingers down the side that way we can keep that putter really square. Last thing grip pressure, do not strangle the putter. Okay give it a bit of breathing space you don’t need to strangle it otherwise your arms will turn and you end up hitting it harder than what you wanted, so give it a nice relaxed grip pressure. Not so it's not going to grate your hands but just nice and relaxed to like a five hour 10 grip pressure. That way when you make your stroke you wrist stay nice and firm and you get a nice feel for the shot. So grip putting, putting grip make sure thumbs run down the front, index fingers down the side and that way your club face will stay a lot straighter through the ball.