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Video Transcript

In this video, we’re going to talk about swinging more on plane. And a really simple way of achieving that, to get you hitting the ball so much better, so much more consistently. And this is by far one of the simplest drills to do this. You can see the big extravagant drainage and you can buy and get all the gizmos and gadgets, you can look out there and get -- this is their simple way of doing it. So I've got stations set up here, I've got golf ball in the middle. Just behind the golf ball, I've got the green tee and directly in front of the golf ball, I've got the white tee. It’s out straight down towards my target line which is to the wall. I've also got a bit of a made up club. This is an extendable golf club, so what I've got here is the grip and the extra club straight in the end of it as well.

Now, if we swing this golf club back, so as I swing this golf back, a couple of things we want to make sure we do; first thing as we set the first initial movement away, that club should point directly at the target that firstly is that smack-bang on plane. If it’s pointing to the right of target or left of the target, that’s incorrect. It's not going to work for the next stage of the swing. The next stage after that is the point, the grip, this long grip here straight at that green tee peg, and you can see how the club is on the slump. My hands have remained perfectly in line with my chest, so that it’s swinging around my body on this perfect plane. As it gets to the top of the golf swing, the club swings directly away from the target. So perfectly opposed to where my target is at the moment. So I’ve got there, there, as I come back down, green tee peg, target and even on the way through, I can go white tee peg and then at the target. So it’s a really simple way to drill your swing into a more on plane golf swing, at the target, at the tee and then follow through. Start off slowly, start practicing it and rehearsing it and building it up and slowly but surely you will achieve that.

And you don’t have to create a couple like this; you can do it in a different way. You can actually grab two golf clubs and just as training aid, hold them both together so you’re holding the shaft and use that. You don’t have to even, go with the expensive cutting into the bottom of your club, you can just use two golf clubs to achieve that. And start off slowly, start off building up from a small swing, thinking about those tee pegs that I've got positioned here or -- this time if I'm going to go towards the target, I'm going here, through to there and just hold those positions and suddenly your swing will be so much more on plane, you’ll get a lot more consistency and your scores will plummet.