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Video Transcript

The dreaded shanks, possibly the worst shot in golf. It’s the one that – just the word of it itself, sends shivers down people’s spines. I’ve got some impact tape on the club here; I’m just going to hit a nine iron and I’m going to demonstrate where a shank hits from. That was near enough perfect example and I can see here, just on the impact tape, a little bit of hosel rope that’s hit right on the hosel to be fair. I’ve really struck that quite a lot. But that is a shot that goes low; it squirts off to the right.

It normally goes straight first, just for a very short period of time, and then viciously squares off to the right-hand side and players are less scratching their head, well, how have I hit that golf shot. We’re going to talk today about how we’re going to fix the shanks and how we’re going to make sure that we can work out a simple way. So next time you practice, you can work on this and get much better on hitting it. I’ll use the chair, just a chair to use this.

Now, if I set up to the golf ball and used my posture -- you can see how the chair just sits back on my bum. Now the shanks, tends to come from, as I come back down in the golf swing, my hips will come off the chair, my bum will come off the chair. Now it leaves no room for my hands to get close to the golf ball. So my hands have to go that way. As soon as my hands go that way, I’m going to hit the hosel, I’m going to hit the shank part, the club there. So what you need to work on in practice is swinging and keeping your bum and your hips back on that chair.

That way the golf club will return smack bang in the center of the club. So if I went that way and set up to the golf ball – now I’ve practiced that and rehearsed that. This time I’m going to make sure I keep my bum back on that imaginary chair. And I’ve hit much more out in the middle of the golf club. So all I did, I kept my bum back, kept my hips back and then looked to keeping my hands nice and close to my body, because now you’ve got room. The shanks, the most awful shot, that’s how you cure it. Enjoy your golf.