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Video Transcript

The Tiger Woods Stinger; this is a shot that we all love to play. It’s the one that goes low, straight at the target, stays under the wind. And it can be used on off tee shots as well to put you in the perfect position ready for your next shot. We’re going to talk about set up and how we’re going to develop more of a stinger set up to help us hit the ball much, much more lower than what we normally would hit it but still with the same level of control. Couple of things: normally then when we’ve seen kind of punch shot played from the back foot; we’re not going to do that. We’re going to play it from the normal kind of ball position, maybe just half an inch back from where you normally have it. So I’m going to use a four iron for example. I’d normally have the four iron there; I’m just going to bring it back just slightly towards the middle but not to my back foot at all.

Now the main thing is the -- what creates height is loft and back spin. So the harder we hit it, the more it’s going to spin up. So if I accelerate through this golf shot and hit it really first, that’s going to completely blow up into the air. So I’ve got to take that speed and that acceleration out of the shot. So just back from where I normally have it, I’m going to swing – ever so slightly shorter in my back swing. Smooth through the ball a short enough for my follow through. Now because we are shortening up a little bit and we’re taking a bit of the power off, the ball will travel a little bit less distance without wind. If you’re into wind it will probably travel about the same distance because you’re going to hit the ball a lot lower. So if you do need more club don’t be ashamed to take another club okay? Because this shot will be awesome when you hit it, will be really good. So just back from where I normally have it, about a 90% back swing, smooth through the ball, at about kind of 90% follow through position. So this is going to go low, this is a proper stinger. That’s really nice. That stayed low all the way through its flight. That’s come out like a bullet really and that will help you hit the ball under the wind and get you closer to the green every single time.