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Video Transcript

Okay, so I’m going to set the scene. Tee is that way, trees down the right, wall is on the left, I cannot afford to hit this wayward wood. I’ m going to give you a really easy drill to get you aiming a lot straighter on the golf course so that when you come up to holes like these, you are not thinking too much about the hazards, the trees, the water, the out of bounds, you are all thinking about your target and your target alone. Now when we set up with the club, a real kind of alignment drill I’m going to give you today is going to help you at least know you are aiming in the right direction. As you can see here I’ve got a couple of tees set, I’ve got a tee with the ball and a tee acts officially placed at least two or three feet away from where the golf ball is. Now we can’t do that, we can’t do it on the golf course but I have drawn this for an example.

What, I would like you to be trying and do when you set up to the golf ball next time, if you look down the target line, so from here, directly behind your golf ball, I want you to pick out a spot, whether it’s an old divot, a blade of grass that stands out, a broken tee peg, a leaf, something that’s not going to move too much. Stand behind it, aim your club with that making sure it dead straight to your target so it’s perfectly in line, and once you know it’s in line, then you can start setting up to this rather than your target its 253 yards away. So once you put the club behind the ball, make sure that it lines on the club or aiming straight over that second tee peg target, or broken tee peg, feel confident that now when your golf club is in line you can set up parallel to that, so if you are aiming that way your feet want to be parallel to your knees, your hips everything else wants to be parallel to that line. Once you set up, forget the water, forget the trees, forget the out of bounds and hit it straight over our maker. Yeah just right, just right, it’s coming down straight.