Help With Golf Putter Alignment 1

You may have the best putting technique in the world, but unfortunately if you aim off line at address, you are going to struggle to turn your great putts into holed putts.

Knowing where to aim when putting is vital. Judging the break and the speed and the contours is very important. Before the shot, make sure you are ready for the shot in hand by firstly judging what speed you plan to hit the putt at. Do you hit it firm and hard or drop the golf ball dead weight into the front of the cup? From this point, you can start to read and judge the contour of the greens. The reason why we work out the speed first is simply because the speed has a huge influence on how much the putt will break. If the ball is travelling fast, the ball will not break as much as if it was travelling at a slower speed. Once you have determined the break and have picked a point where you want the ball to start, it is then very important that you stick to your decision without doubt or hesitation.

Aim in relation to the hole - Once you are sure how the golf ball will break, pick a point that is level with the hole rather than a point on the apex of the break. This way you will hit a straight putt at the point you have picked, rather than trying to hit the ball on a slope.

Use the line on the ball - Each golf ball now has the manufacturers logo or name and the model of the golf ball's logo or name. The best thing about the logo or name is that you can use it to help you hole more putts. Once you have marked the golf ball and cleaned it ready for the shot, plan to place your golf ball down so that it helps you aim at the point you have picked for the golf ball to start.

Aim the putter first - When you come to address the golf ball, make sure you aim your putter in line with the logo or name on the golf ball. Most putters now have alignment tools on them to help you aim correctly so do make sure you use them to help you. Firstly, grip the golf club making sure the face is square, then aim the putter's line with the line or logo of the golf ball straight where you are aiming. From this point, build your stance around your putter so that your feet are square and parallel to the target line.

Key tip - Once you have gone through this procedure, you know you are aiming correctly so you have no reason to second guess or doubt. You only have time to think about getting the speed correct and holing the putt.