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Video Transcript

The skied driver golf shot. The whole term ‘if you sky you buy it’ the one way you'd leave all the marks on the top of the head, your golf club looks disgusting. I'm going to help you stop doing that, it is really easy drill. From this golf drill making sure that you never ever sky again. This is the absolute fix that you would ever need. First thing first make sure you don’t tee up to high, I know that sounds ridiculous but I see a lot golfers who will tee way to high. We have got this golf ball head and that is way above the club head is. It’s always--if we just click a little bit of the ground you’re going to hit the roof of the driver you’re going to hit it so high, you are going it hit above fifty yards you probably not even going to get across the lady tee and that is not a good thing.

So first of make sure you choose the right kind of tee height, we’re looking for about half the ball to set above the club head, so once we have address it make sure the equator line on the golf ball sits on the top line of the golf club. So that’s the first thing, make sure you get that right, the next thing is set up correctly. Don’t setup with the driver having the ball position so much in the middle and leaning left this is going to cause you to come down into the golf ball and almost chunk down on it and practically present the crown of the golf club into the golf ball and you going to sky and you are going to say, “That was waste of time.” Brand new driver that's not what you want to do. So ball position further forward, make sure it’s closer to your left foot and stay behind the set up, stay behind the golf ball. So you can see here as I’m setting up to the golf ball this now is perfectly, the equator line is just above the club head I’m behind it, and I’m not now going to impact downward blow and chop it and sky it, I’m going to stay behind it, I am going to sweep in more and as a result I’m going to hit right in the middle, right in the middle so stay behind it good tee height and the ball position forward.