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Video Transcript

So why do tour players draw the ball? When you see it on TV and they’ve got the new fancy kind of the diagram and the graphics, to show you how the ball shapes, unless they are trying to make the ball move from left to right hand on a certain dogleg it tends -- the shape would be a bit more of a draw shape. I’m going to tell you why the pros draw the golf ball and why it’s kind of a bit of an advantage to have the swing, path in the swing to draw the golf ball. Just got a seven iron to explain this and I’ve got my trusty friend the lie angle tool that just sticks on the club face so I can indicate where the club face is pointed and also the direction the swing is coming to the ball.

So I’ve go ahead now, I’m going to go straight down as if I’m hitting away from the camera. And we’ve got this dead straight line going towards the target line. Now a draw swing, a draw swing would approach the golf ball slightly more from the inside of the shot. So as we come in to the hit, it will come from the inside, it would make connection with the ball and then it would go a little bit more on the outside. Now this is the clever bit; if we look at how long the stick is pointing at the golf ball in relation to a fade swing, so stick with me, stick with me.

As I come into the shot, this stick starts to now point back at the golf ball as I come in from this inside sort of behind the tee -- behind the alignment stick. And this stick now starts pointing straight at the golf ball. So from right back here it starts pointing to golf ball. As long as I keep turning and turning, see it’s still pointing at the golf ball and keep turning, can turn and turn and turn, it’s continually pointed at golf ball. Now if I do a fade swing or a slide swing, the club comes from here more, from the outside more. Now if I do this and bring the club in from here, that stick isn’t at the ball yet, it’s still not at the ball, it’s still not at the ball, it’s still not at the ball, it’s out of the ball now and it’s away from the ball again.

So the time, the club and the club face with relation to the swing is pointed at the golf ball the drill wins hand over fist, it comes in to the ball from here and the club face just keeps pointing at the golf ball and that helps you hit more consisting golf shots. Now saying that draw is the best shot in the world, you can hit draw, you should be able to hit both shots draws and fades, but that way the pros prefers to hit draw shot.