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Video Transcript

Similar to the last exercise is another good rotational exercise that done correctly, works the flexibility but also can improve the consistency of your golf swing. We’re going to place the club over the shoulders again, handle pointing to the target and then tilt forwards to your normal golf posture so rather than staying upright, lean forward so you're looking down towards where you're golf ball would be down on the floor here. Then, as you make your rotational turn, feel how the handle of the golf club comes round and points down towards the ball. Strictly speaking, it points about a foot or two feet in front of the golf ball but feel like you're trying to point it down at the golf ball as much as you can and that will improve your tilt and your spine angle so from a good set turning here, trying to point the golf club down towards where the golf ball is. Now be careful that you're not just tilting sideways. That's clearly not the right now movement here so it's a proper shoulder turn, shoulder rotation around here but I’m also careful I’m not pointing my shoulders across the room. The benefits of this is I can maintain proper spine angle during my swing so turning side on, you can see my spine angle how I set up the golf ball. As I rotate my shoulders this way, I’m going to put my left shoulder down towards the golf ball so the handle points downwards and then the right shoulder will come around underneath and the head will point downwards. They both point to the same area. The handle points down and the head points down and done correctly, that will maintain a proper spine angle throughout your swing which would stop any inconsistencies of lifting and lowering during the golf swing causing fat and thin shots. Try that exercise. Hopefully that one works for you as well.