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Video Transcript

Okay, we’ll talk about a Putt. I’m just going to call it a smooth head over heel action. So what do I mean by that? On a golf ball, most golf balls have a name or maybe a line; or maybe even your own name on the golf ball. If we Putt, with a clubface square; and we swing it correctly; Straight-Back-Straight-Through; perfect strike that line should go all the way through, all the way down the line, head over heels, head over heels, head over heels; and so on and so forth. If the Putter comes in at the wrong angle, all of sudden that line which is going over head over heels, starts to wobble.

So from there if the Putter was coming at a cross, you could imagine that the, the line will start to tipple over its axis. It will be going over to the side. And you can see quite clearly that that Putter hasn’t come back to the ball how it should be; which was square. So how do we kind of get this sort of – how do we actually get that ball to go consistently well? Well, surprise, surprise; it’s all about your set up, as indeed most things in golf all stem from the set up. So what we need to do is to put a very simple exercise into place.

It’s all about consistency of other its head over heel. Get this line going down the line rather than kind of wobbling backwards and forwards. I’ve got the line, go straight down to the hole here; you can use two clubs going either side of the ball. Give yourself a little bit of space for the Putter to go behind the ball, and you can have space between the heel and the toe. Set yourself up; make sure you feet are parallel. Make sure your eyes are over the top of the ball. Now if I turn this Putter back correctly, and I’m fortunate because I have a nice mullet Putter a nice big white line. So if I miss this, I’ve got no excuses. I’m lining up that line, with the line on the ball. And if I set myself up correctly for this position; eyes over the top of the ball; ball slightly forward, I might have this just slightly ahead of the club face. So when you’re; Putting, this is a no, no. Your hand should be just slightly, just slightly in-front of the club. Not level, slightly in-front. That way we get a good strike and get a good top spin on it. If your hands are behind you tend to get a flicking action. Let’s not go there.

So, here we go; set up, we got the set up, eyes over the top of the ball; I’ve lined myself up; so if I swing myself correctly this line should go towards the hole, here we go. Take it back, take it through, isn’t it nice to do it first time. So if you could do a bit of practice on the Putting green, just do exactly what we showing you there, have that name lined up. You got to line your back of your Putter, line that up with the name, it makes sense. And then from here, take the Putter straight back between the two lines, your two clubs. If you do that and you go through, keep on that Putter, going straight down the middle of the alleyway; that ball in theory has to go in the right direction. And that line that head over heels will be going exactly where you want to go. Enjoy your practice; this is a very simple exercise with quick results.